Living Room Curtains

As the name implies, living room curtains and drapes are window treatments for your living quarter in the house. The living space is basically the very first room which guests and friends see and enter when they visit.

The following selections are just few of the best selections for window covers and curtains primarily placed in the living quarter.

Light Green Panel Curtains for Living Rooms

Bright and vibrant toned panel curtains are perfect for the living quarter especially if you want to make the central part of the house very liveable and relaxing. This light green panel curtains are certainly great additions for your window treatment collection. The ensemble includes two pieces of generously measured curtain panels complete with a pair of matching tiebacks. This solid coloured window cover provides the best protection and shield for your home privacy as well as the laid back and relaxing ambiance. It is made of durable yet breathable 100% polyester fabric materials. The panels measure 80 inches wide and 63 inches long.

Floral Inspired Cotton Curtains for Living Rooms

Floral and similar types of motifs are perennial favourites in the window cover milieu. No wonder you would have the most lucrative investment with this floral themed brand new curtain cover best used for living areas. The handmade cotton linen for window treatment offers an ethnic and airy feel in your room which blends both ventilation and privacy. The set has floral printed drapes in a blend of ivory, red, green and brown palates. This pair of curtain panels measures 84” in length and 46” in width. It is made from exquisite and high quality plush cotton fabric materials and an authentic product imported from India.

Elephant Themed Mandala Curtains for Living Rooms

This set of curtain drapes is designed with top tab for easy installation and discarding. It is a remarkable addition to living rooms with neutral themes with its black and white colour and exotic design. The brand new window cover highlights the elephant prints blended with touches of floral. The lovely ensemble is a dramatic makeover for your living space which is made from soft and durable cotton fabric materials measuring 82” long and 44” wide.

Curtains which are used to accessorize and beautify your home do not only cover your windows and provide privacy but also boost the aesthetic value of the house. With the wide array of window treatment drapes today, combining privacy and beauty is simple.

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