Walmart Curtain Rods

Window treatments would never be complete with Walmart curtain rods you could avail in package sets or separately sold in stores and online. There are clearance sales to watch for and avail the best accessories to boost the aesthetics of your home big time minus the costly prices. Here are four items to consider in your buying checklist.

Canopy Curtain Rod Set, Bronze, 1” Rod Diameter

This decorative and stylish rod is the perfect match for window canopies or draperies for contemporary homes. Size measurements for the item features 36-66 and 66-120 variants and you could purchase in bronze color. It is an online deal which is valued at $24.88 to $32 depending on the type you choose. This metal rod telescope set is also inclusive of the telescoping rod, brackets, finials and hardware you need for swift and easy installation. It is a versatile item which you could extend to adjust to however long you desire.

Medieval Hook Curtain Rod, Black, ½” Rod Diameter

Give your home a medieval touch with this hook drapery rod set in black color with ½” diameter measurement. It is the perfect match for your other home décor and themes which could be flexibly extended from 28 inch to 48 inches or from 48” to 86” long. This metal rod is a great deal if you want to buy super discounted items in the internet. The rod is valued at $9.88 to $14.84 or you could also visit stores near you with varying prices.

Amber Crackle Curtain Rod, Rust, ½” Rod Diameter

This must-have value-friendly pick is a great purchase which is available from $9.88 to $14.84 when you buy online or you could buy it from local Walmart store branches. This item is in dark brown color which is a great home feature that has simple yet chic designs. it measures at ½” in diameter and could be extended from 28” to 48”. For larger window frames, you could extend the rod from 48” to 86” in length.

Twist and Fit Decorative Curtain Rod, Satin Nickel, 7/16” Rod Diameter

Online price for this must-have item is at $9.99 for purchases online. This is the perfect solution if you want to spruce up your windows without having to deal with tools and installations. You simply twist it and fit into any windows of your choice. The metal rod could be used as a tension rod which could hold up to 5 pounds of curtains or drapes. It is available in black, dark brown and satin silver color. Measurement for the length of this window accessory is from 28” to 48”.

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